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Guilty Crown

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Guilty Crown is a guild/community for Blue Protocol. Focused on having a good time and enjoying each other’s company, Guilty Crown caters towards a more exclusive community mindset. Valuing ELITE level memes and comradery, our pursuit for being the ultimate Waifu/Edgelord guild is what defines us. GC is truly a unique place offering a traditional guild atmosphere and a “Social Club” (No Obligation) atmosphere as well.


"Guilty Crown at its center is a guild that knows the importance of having a good time, as such Guilty Crown's membership is voted in by its members and not just its leadership."


"Guilty Crown isn't for the weak, our atmosphere is different than most guilds. (Lots of Shitposting), but make no mistake we can be try-hard Kirito's too."

Good VibeZ

"Guilty Crown has a Zero tolerance policy on toxic and drama behavior. Find your chill is our mentality."
Choose Your Path: Edgelord or Waifu


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Guilty Crown offers a home to any type of player regardless of playstyle. In our eyes, all types of players are needed to become successful in the Blue Protocol world. With that said, Guilty Crown offers 5 pillars. These pillars act as our central guideline, ensuring that all guild/club objectives impact one of these pillars in some shape or form.

ELITE Gang Activity

In GC, all of us know eachother. We're all friends that have met before. Being a part of GC isn't being some random pleb off the streets, you're a part of an active community that selected YOU.


Blue Protocol is a very social game, with that said. Aside from memes & shitposting. We make sure to have a good time through social events. Anime Nights, etc and other activities.

World Boss Hunting

Just cause we meme & shitpost doesn't mean we're not all about throwing hands for the World Bosses. With a heavy focus on crafting, World Boss Hunting is definitely on our radar of priorities.


GC is a guild that has a lot of confidence in our members due to us just being extremely tight-knit. GC as a collective believes in giving members the opportunity to impact the guild, power is not held exclusively in leadership.


Of course being a part of a guild means getting dungeon groups, crafting mat parties and etc.


Guilty Crown is an upcoming guild for Blue Protocol that is always in search of the best edgelords & waifus. Our vision for this guild is to create a community that is competitive and enjoy each other’s presence. Not looking for a guild? Want a social club with zero obligations? Well BP Anime Club is there for you too.

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